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16-12-2018 8:00 am -3:30 am
The School Urban CQB and Woodland
The School Urban CQB and Woodland
Langleybury Ln, Sarratt, Kings Langley WD4 8SZ, UK

CQB fighting in the Afghan Village and Close Quarter Combat in the 2 Storey School so get the best of both styles of play. Please note we run 24 players in the building so as not to stifle gameplay, in order for everyone to get use of the 2 storey building we cannot accommodate players in the building the whole day, you will be split between the School block and CQB wooded area on a game day depending on numbers.
Walk on Fee: £30

Rentals £50 Includes Walk on Fee, Rifle, 3000bb's, Face protection and Lunch.

FPS Limits: AEG 350, Sniper 500fps with 30m minimum engagement range,

DMR 450fps with 30m minimum engagement range.

BB's, Gas, Smoke and pyro can be bought on site.

Free Tea and Coffee all day.

£30.00 83

23-12-2018 8:00 am -4:00 pm
Chislehurst Woodland
Chislehurst Woodland
Chislehurst BR7 6NA, UK


Walk on Fee is £25.

Rental Fee is £50 plus a £20 deposit (this includes gun hire, bb's, face protection, walk on fee and lunch).

Site Limits:

AEG - 350fps

*Sinpers 500fps / DMR - 450fps 

* 30m engagement limit and MUST have a secondary weapon.

​Minimum age is 12 yrs and must to be accompanied by an adult.

​There is free parking on site.

Free Tea and Coffee.

We have various areas which include our Trench System, CQB area and more..

£25.00 95