We are also pleased to announce the opening of our new online store.

RED 1 AIRSOFT LIMITED are one of the U.K's Hertfordshire based premium airsoft suppliers and themed combat and skirmish providers. To be able to purchase a replica imitation firearm you simply need an exemption to the Violent Crime Reduction Act either by being a registered re enactor, registered Airsofter skirmisher or work in TV or film and are over the age of 18. As members of UKARA (United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association) we are committed to upholding a professional service for genuine Airsoft players all over the U.K.

Our retail store is close Sunday and Monday. Please check our events website for 'where to find us'. Staff will operate a skeleton store at our skirmish sites open on Sundays for those wishing to collect in person. 

We are proud to announce that THE FORT - ROCHESTER will become an exclusive RED 1 AIRSOFT EVENT regular venue. We have worked hard on negotiating a deal that will see a constant expansion and development of the site to become an Airsoft arena to be reckoned with. The steady expansion will mean a new experience and game play on each occasion you visit…..

Our next game will be held on the 25th of JUNE 2017 following the success of our trial game in APRIL. A learning from that game day was that we will for the interim have to limit numbers for those seeking to attend and because of this we will be taking a non-refundable deposit of £15.00 to secure your place via Paypal. There will be no walk-on’s to this exclusive venue!