At RED 1 AIRSOFT we are strong advocates of safety, and whilst Airsoft is a hobby sport we promote the attitude that Airsoft replicas (RIF's - Realistic Imitation Firearm's or IF's Imitation Firearms e.g. brightly painted replicas) should be given the exact same respect if not more than their larger caliber lead slinging counterparts. This will if only safeguard the hobby sport that is Airsoft in the United Kingdom.

It should be acknowledged by all parties involved in the hobby sport that Airsoft inherently has an element of health and safety risk; it is to that end we insist as particpants read our terms of service / conditions in addition and the generic onsite rules listed throughout this website.  If a hard copy if required or you are unable to find this information please contact us. 

** We strongly advise not to travel to and from our events in any identifiable Military or Police themed replica uniforms. **

 ** We highly advise for legal reasons to obtain lockable cases or securely package your airsoft replicas suitably whilst transporting or in places where by have a likely hood of being considered public area(s) unless express written permission has been granted and obtained from the relevant authorities. **

Whilst on site these rules must be obeyed at all times:

  • The rules are not exhaustive and shall be respected by all visitors without exception.
  • When in the designated safe area(s) all magazines are to be removed from the Airsoft gun. The Airsoft gun should be cleared before entering and additionally no dry firing in the safe area(s).
  • Ammunition rules: Mid and high capacity magazines are usually permitted for a majority of our events unless specified. Our themed combat missions are an example when ammunition limit(s) may be imposed. 
  • FPS limits:

Rifles & Support Weapons 350 fps max.

Single shot sniper rifles 500 fps with an absolute minimum engagement distance of 30m.

Fixed support weapons 450 fps.

All mentioned fps limits are to be measured with .2 BB's. THERE WILL BE RANDOM INSPECTION AND CRONO. Any "hot" Airsoft guns will be removed from play and only restored when leaving or at the event conclusion. 

ALL players must attend the safety briefing before being allowed to participate in game.

  • Absolutely no blind firing. You must be able to see what you are shooting at.
  • We have a zero tolerance on aggressive, abusive, insulting and dangerous behaviour towards other players, any members of staff, venue operator representatives or the public and simply will not be tolerated. Any breaches will result in expulsion from the site without reimbursement or refunds.
  • Airsoft games relies on an honor system in which it is the duty of the player who has been hit to call themselves out regardless of whether or not anyone saw it happen by calling "hit" followed by "dead player walking" with a raised hand. You MUST NOT during this time inform other players of any strategic information that will forward or assist their game. This is considered both unfair and unrealistic. Some of our games may include a medic rule, full details of this will be discussed in detail during the site briefing or before specific games.
  • Inclusive of some of our themed combat and training events are role play scenarios. These scenarios may include some light physical and verbal interaction to simulate an element of "realism"; these elements our of events are strictly optional. No assumptions will be drawn and it shall remain the right of the player to 'opt-in' or 'opt-out' during these elements; preferably during registration and or booking in. However can be done at anytime. By using the term "NO DUFF".
  • Cheating will not be tolerated. Should a player experience cheating they are advised to bring this to the attention of directing staff in person. "Cheat Calling" is forbidden. There will be both non-playing high visibility directing staff monitoring play in addition to covert in game player directing staff.
  • There will likely be additional unforeseen rules that may be implemented on a ad hoc basis dependant of the site requirment and game type. You will be advised of these if applicable during the safety briefing. 
  • Players MUST respect the environment and or property of the site(s). Any deliberate or reckless damage caused will be charged to the player. Players must stay within the marked area(s).
  • YOU MUST notify directing staff of any medical conditions or medication you may be taking. This MUST be done at registration. Medication must be kept in your top left hand pocket with any relevant details.
  • You are responsible for your own kit and personal items. RED 1 AIRSOFT LIMITED will not accept liability for lost, damaged or stolen items.
  • Protective footwear must be worn. No trainers, sandals or flip flops whilst on site and in-game.
  • Eye protection (eye pro) must be worn at ALL TIMES. Suitability of the eye protection will be your personal responsibility. RED 1 AIRSOFT LIMITED will accept no responsibility for injuries sustained as a direct result of inadequate eye pro. We strongly advise you seek advice from your retailer regarding any ballistic protection rating. IF THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH YOUR EYE PRO IN GAME YOU MUST BRING THIS TO THE IMMEDIATE ATTENTION OF THE DIRECTING STAFF!
  • Full face and or head protection must and will be worn at ALL TIMES for players under the ages of eighteen (18). Suitability of the protection will be your personal responsibility. Any adjustments to this must be accompanied by a signed letter from that players legal guardian. RED 1 AIRSOFT LIMITED will accept no responsibility for injuries sustained as a direct result of inadequate full face or head protection. We strongly advise you seek advice from your retailer regarding any ballistic protection rating. IF THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH YOUR FULL FACE AND OR HEAD PROTECTION IN GAME YOU MUST BRING THIS TO THE IMMEDIATE ATTENTION OF THE DIRECTING STAFF!
  • Pyrotechnics use is allowed on most sites used by RED 1 AIRSOFT LIMITED. Detonation of an explosive pyrotechnic within five (5) metres of a player is considered a hit. Any person(s) wishing bring pyrotechnics to an event must declare them on registration and on arrival to ensure conformity before authority to use them at a RED 1 AIRSOFT event will be granted. Absolutely no "home made" pyrotechnics. Smoke type pyrotechnics are forbidden inside any buildings.
  • Deliberate head shots are not permitted. However, if your target is deliberately using this rule to gain advantage you may engage them. Do not use overkill on your target. Head shots are acceptable if that is the only part of your opponent is deliberately being presented.
  • Inside CQB (Close Quarter Battle) environments such as, but not limited to inside buildings automatic RIF's must be switched to 'semi-automatic' or 'single shot'. 
  • Deliberate 'Point blank' range shots are strictly not permitted. Instead if are close enough you MUST ask your opponent to surrender. The opponent MUST then surrender.